LaTonya Jackson, wife of Samuel L. Jackson, has said “Stevie Flowers is a wonderful company to work with”. In planning my husband’s 50th birthday, Stevie fulfilled my every wish. Sam’s birthday party was a great success”.

When Denzel Washington’s offices were located on the Sony Pictures lot, we delivered weekly flowers to his office. One day he was autographing pictures for his fans, and much to my surprise, he offered to sign a photo for my grandmother, who was 81 years old at the time. As we talked, he said, “get your grandmother on the phone”, I informed him that, “she lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He said, “Get her on the phone any way, I want to speak to her”. I called, and told her that someone wanted to speak to her. Denzel added 10 years to my grandmothers life, he took the time to make an old lady very happy. He also told her how impressed he had been with my work, and that I was doing a fine job in making his offices look great, with weekly flowers. Denzel is a very special, special man.

My publicist, Ken Reynolds, asked me to make an arrangement for Ms. Donna Summers who was performing in Los Angeles. One warm summer night. I decided on an array of Sunflowers and Orchids. At the concert, Ken and I went back stage to meet Ms. Summers. It pleasured me to hear how appreciative, she was as she called it, my “Labor of Love”. She inspired me to continue my works which are truly anointed. I later received a thank you note from her telling me that, when she first received God’s calling, she was at a window looking out at some beautiful Sunflowers.

While attending the NAACP Image Awards I had the pleasure to meet the Honorable Judge Mablean Ephriam. Two years later, she called and asked if I could make some floral arrangements for her. Judge Mablean was planning a surprise wedding, for a close family friend. This young lady had no idea that her fiancé and Judge Mablean were going to have me decorate her garden for a wedding. When the bride arrived, the groom asked her to marry him “right now” she said “now”, he said “yes”, and they opened the door to the garden, she could not believe what they had done… the rest is a fairy tale.